Erasmus – School of the Future

Arrival: 3rd of April  
We landed at the Lisboan Airport at almost midnight and were received by the two Erasmus-leading teachers who were waiting for us there. We took the metro to our hotel.  
1st day  
On the first day we got on a train to Fora de Amore and walked to our Partner School where we were warmly welcomed by the entire school. We watched a concert prepared by the school band and got to know everyone through some interactive games. We then made a big excursion through Seixal and learned, with the help of a specialist, about an ancient printing technique. To return back to the school, we took a boat across the Bay of Seixal.  
2nd day  
The second day we took a bus departing at Entre Campos station to go see the famous castle of Sintra, situated on the top of a hill. The castle had a very imposing and beautiful architecture. Hiking back down the hill, we visited the small historic town situated close to the castle. The students went out on their own for some food and sightseeing. After that we even visited Cascais, a town famous for its port and beach. In the evening, we had dinner at a restaurant in the historic center of Lisboa.  
3rd day  
The day after we had a calmer day and stayed at the school. Representatives from each country did a presentation talking about learning methods at their home school. We talked a lot with the other students and exchanged knowledge with everybody. In the afternoon we all played a game on the school premises and stayed outside for the rest of the day.  
4th day  
On the fourth and last day we all got to see real dinosaur footprints, as we made an excursion along the south-west coast by bus. We also saw an old monastery and a lighthouse on the top of a small mountain. While going by bus we saw really stunning landscapes of different kinds.   
Unfortunately, we already had to leave so soon, but we enjoyed our last day visiting the city a little bit more. In the afternoon we took our plane back to Vienna. We are very happy having met and connected with really nice people from all over Europe!